Putting Summerville First

I love Summerville. However, I think that in the last few years our town has taken a step backwards. I believe we can do better. Our town has been growing dramatically. People want to live here. But with this growth comes issues that must be dealt with in a thoughtful, professional, and decisive manner. The people of Summerville deserve leadership that works together to protect and preserve our quality of life. Unfortunately, that is not what is occurring at the present time. We have important issues that need to be addressed:

Traffic: Our traffic issues are getting worse, not better. In order to address the problems we are facing our Mayor must work together with our town council and the town must work cooperatively with county and state officials.

Essential Services: We must give our first responders the tools they need to protect our citizens. Other services such as trash pick up should be done consistently without interruption.

Controlled Growth: Summerville is growing and expanding. We must develop a long-range plan to address our future while protecting our town center.

Listening to Our Residents: I plan hold holding a “Listening Session” one day each month to allow any resident to come into the Mayor’s Office with an idea, concern, or problem. The Mayor must be responsive to the people. Our government must also operate in a very open and transparent way.

My promise is always to put Summerville First. Our citizens must have a say in how we move forward. Together we can make Summerville a great place to live, work, raise a family, do business and retire.